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So does everyone remember a little while ago when I posted that video?

Well if you don't then now you do!

Anyways, I'd thought that it was some sort of Minecraft reference and so didn't really pursue it further since I really don't play Minecraft much. However I decided to buy a game called Dwarfs!? from a studio I liked since it was on sale on Steam and to my surprise I discovered that this is not a Minecraft reference at all but is in fact a Dwarfs!? reference!

Seriously, the game has all these things which are lines in the song, it's so obvious that it almost hurts!

Hell, the dwarfs and goblins even look the same!

The game itself is nothing too special, you start with a single warrior and digger dwarf in a central cave and as you expand your population goes up. Your job is to oversea all the dwarfs in your caves to make sure they don't get into trouble while they're digging!

It's simple, and surprisingly fun honestly.

And now for something completely different.

If it wasn't obvious already, dA has yet again changed everything on us and...what the ever loving fuck?

Seriously, could they have made a less sensible system? I mean first they change the tags to that annoying # method which I suppose is more effective(?) and now they've gone and redone the menu in such a manner as to make it completely inconvenient!

Why in ever loving hell are my messages over in that corner? That's the most fundamental part of my being on dA! Why are you trying to hide it from me!?


Anthony 'Squidy' Samuelson
My art form has never been visual, my drawing ability is atrocious and while I build models I would never presume to call myself skilled in their crafting.

Where I excel--and here I allow myself an ego--is in my writing. I intend to use deviantart as a storage space for the random skits and scenes I concoct.

With that in mind, if you should like me to write something based off an idea you have or an art piece you created, ask. I'll happily take a look at whatever you have in mind, if I decide I like it, then I'll whip something up especially for you, free of charge.

For those who want more than just random scenes and would like something with more storyline, I encourage you to go investigate my account: Slade1987.

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