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As most of my readers are aware I work primarily with fanfiction, oftentimes in such a manner so that my stories correlate and follow to a degree established canons rather than deviating overmuch from them.

I've been asked (and gotten some very critical reviews) why I do this, why do I follow the storyline to what we all know is an inevitable conclusion?

The answer is quite simple: in the case of this style of fanfiction, the point isn't the ending perse, but rather the journey.

We all know where my Clone Wars story is going to end, we've all read the books and comics or seen the movie and shows. That isn't the point of the story at all. If it were then it would indeed be a boring story to tell.

However the point of this sort of 'canonized' fanfiction is to tell the tale of characters within the canon rather than change the canon overmuch. You aren't reading it to see what ultimately happens at the end of the tale, you are reading it to see what these characters do that leads up to that point. It is a character driven narrative which happens in the forefront of an established background.

I hope that answers the question for those that have wondered.

What do you think of this sort of narrative? Is it a waste of time as some have said? Or is it perhaps very engaging to see the new and different characters playing roles in a world we already know and love?

On the flip side of this coin, fewer people perhaps know that I do original work as well (surprise). Given how infrequently I work on it anyone who wasn't aware of it is certainly forgiven as my original stories are largely untouched for quite sometime now.

This next part is actually a little depressing honestly as it involves some stories of mine which I have a desire to start and finish and even attempt to publish but for lack of motivation and an excess of doubt will likely never come to fruition.

The first is a science fiction storyline involving a force of genetically engineered soldiers who return to Earth after years of combat lightyears away to find that they have been outflanked by their enemies and the Earth is occupied. It follows their fight to reclaim the planet for the natural-born humans who mistrust them and how despite the mistrust of their natural kin they continue to serve and fight for the cause.

The second is a fantasy storyline that happens within the realm of the fantasy world I created in its final age when the dark elves come out of hiding and invade the surface and the ensuing battle that takes place there, centering on three friends and their struggle as they grow up amidst the turmoil of a war to decide who will rule their continent.

The third is a science fiction storyline in which a girl inherits a power that has long lain dormant for generations and has been rekindled within her. It follows her and a group of immortal retainers as they fight to save and restore a world that exists within the vastness of an inter-dimensional starship as its inhabitants fight to control the power she wields over the ship and the fate of those living within it.

The fourth is a fantasy storyline that isn't my own. It in fact was created by a friend of mine and is very dear to my heart as it was to his. He passed away while I was in training and was never able to finish the story and I would like to do so though I fear for my ability to give it life. The story follows a group of travelers as they seek to unravel the mysteries surrounding a series of demonic attacks on their world and find themselves ensnared in a large plot.

There, that sums up the four principle stories I have in mind that will probably never see the light of day.

Feel free to share your thoughts on them...or steal them as you see fit.


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