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So I was talking with b-312 about TOR and KotOR and I got pissed (that's your second warning).

I can't stand any of those games, I try, believe me I have tried multiple times to play and enjoy them and each time I run into the same problem: the gameplay sucks.

There are no two ways about it, the gameplay is terrible. It is undynamic, boring and worst of all insulting!

Seriously, I don't care how good your story is, if your game is boring as piss to play, your story doesn't matter unless you intend to write a book!

The problem with the Republic games is that their combat is static as hell. I've seen turn based games with more motion in them!

And the worst thing about this is that there is no excuse for this dull gameplay. Star Wars had a decade of Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games to draw gameplay (including multiplayer) from and there were other MMOs at the time of TOR that had better gameplay mechanics so really this is just a case of BioWare insisting on using their own dull mechanisms rather than copy someone else's.

And that carries me over to what makes a game worthwhile.

Gameplay, storytelling, sound, graphics.

Those are your four pillars of gaming and upon them do the fates of games rest.

First and most important is gameplay. If your gameplay sucks then people are just going to put your game down. You could have the most epic storyline and characters ever but if your game is terrible to play then good luck. If you have good gameplay but little or no storytelling that can still work because you have created something that people's imaginations will take hold of.

Storytelling, after gameplay this is the next step in crafting a great game. You want people to be engaged by your game, make them think, make them react and feel for your characters. Forging that connection with your audience is what makes the most memorable games so (for lack of a better word) memorable. However as I said, if your gameplay is awesome you can sometimes get away with little or no story and just let the players fill in the gaps.

Sound is an interesting case because at once it doesn't matter at all but at the same time can make all the difference. The right orchestral score or song at the right moment can bring a player to tears as their favorite character sacrifices themselves or rouse them into a killing frenzy as they charge pell-mell into legions of their foes and even send a chill touch of terror trickling down someone's spine. In turn it can just be background noise to cover over the sound of the system or monotonous repetition of the sound effects.

Graphics literally doesn't matter. Quite simply you can have 8-bit graphics or even just a text based game with pretty pictures and your game could still be the most amazing thing anyone has ever picked up. There are reasons why some of our favorite games that we return to over and over again are also some of the oldest. The advent of the Indie Game has proven this point in many cases, you can have terrible graphics and amazing gameplay in one beautiful package.

So, that concludes my rant, the Republic games can fuck off, and you can submit your opinions as you please.


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