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So there's a game out there that a lot of people I know are raving about called Five Nights at Freddy's.

It's a horror survival game where you play a security guard watching a Chuck'e'Cheese-esque venue with animatronic characters who come alive at night...and therein lies the rub. They want to kill you, very badly and you have to keep them under control.

Now beyond that I won't go into further detail but suffice to say that if there was ever an idiotic reason for a horror game this is it.

I don't care how scary it is, what the ever loving fuck are you doing working at that job?

After that first night I'd be showing up with a shotgun and pipe bombs! If my employer complained I'd just walk the fuck out!

I have ZERO sympathy for the player character in this game because his/her dumb ass keeps going back to this fucking job with homicidal robots that want to skin you and stuff you in a mechanical suit!

Seriously, I don't give a shit how bad the economy is, I am not going back to that job unarmed (if at all) after that first night!

And now for something completely different.

Star Wars Rebels has been making the rounds and by and large the reviews seem positive.

I will say that the vehicles look pretty cool...but personally I think this animation style is far less flattering to the cahracters than Clone Wars ever was.

Another major issue I have is the scenery. It's so bland and dull that you might as well show us a freaking green screen and have us pretend there's somethign there. One of the things I have loved about all Star Wars movies and shows to date is the lush scenery and rich worlds. Rebels has none of that, it looks dry and desiccated with nothing to break up the monotony.

My next peeve are the characters involved. I don't give a damn about any of them really and their voice acting leaves a lot to be desired. About the only decently voice character I have seen so far has been the Inquisitor. The main cast's voices are uninteresting.

On a final note, what the hell happened to the lightsabers? They're reed thin now! I know in the original trilogy they were thin, but they were not THIS thin, they look like they're going to snap in half!

All in all, I am not impressed with what they have done and I hope at the very least the production values will increase with time if the series is successful which it seems it may very well be given the seemingly positive reception it has received thus far. 


Anthony 'Squidy' Samuelson
My art form has never been visual, my drawing ability is atrocious and while I build models I would never presume to call myself skilled in their crafting.

Where I excel--and here I allow myself an ego--is in my writing. I intend to use deviantart as a storage space for the random skits and scenes I concoct.

With that in mind, if you should like me to write something based off an idea you have or an art piece you created, ask. I'll happily take a look at whatever you have in mind, if I decide I like it, then I'll whip something up especially for you, free of charge.

For those who want more than just random scenes and would like something with more storyline, I encourage you to go investigate my account: Slade1987.

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