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Jesp looked over at General Nokta pensively as she leaned over the holomap. He should have been helping her figure out the map and the forces being displayed on it. Should have. However he was too distracted by her profile, lit up by the blue light emanating from the holodisplay.
“We can't keep hitting them in the front like this.” she said in evident frustration. “We're just throwing away lives.”
“We can't position men fast enough to make use of any potential breaks, and our fighter tanks don't have the firepower to punch through their entrenchments without being overwhelmed.” Jesp said, providing no useful information as he continued admiring General Nokta's features.
“Perhaps I can be of assistance.”
Jesp jumped and looked up to see a man wearing Mandalorian armor with shoulder length black hair enter the command center.
“Who are you?” he asked immediately. “You're not authorized to be—“
“—he's my husband Captain.” General Nokta said distractedly without looking up from the map. “And he also outranks you.”
Jesp clamped his mouth shut as the newcomer smirked at him. Husband? The General was...married?
Yes, and you'd do well to remember that. Growled a warning voice inside his head.
Jesp's eyes widened as the man smirked at him. He was a telepath?
And I can do a lot worse than read minds Captain. Keep your relationship professional and you won't have to find out what that means.
General Nokta put a hand on her husband's breastplate as Jesp jerked his own hand away from hers in reaction to her husband's threat.
“Stop harassing my aide and look at this.”
He cast a last warning look at Jesp before looking down at the map, his eyes racing across it rapidly as he absorbed the unfolding battle before he pointed to the north.
“Hit them here.”
“We tried,” Jesp interjected. “They repositioned and hit back before we could take advantage of the shift in forces.”
The General's husband glanced at him dismissively before continuing.
“Use my lancers, we can penetrate their lines and run amok behind them. They'll have to catch us or let us slice up their rear.”
“Lancers?” Jesp asked incredulously. “I didn't know any of the Lancer Battalions were still alive!”
“Mine is.” the General's husband said with a smile. “For now at any rate, and we can penetrate that line. They'll have to either contract or reinforce that position which will mean adjusting the whole of their line to compensate. If you apply pressure when that happens you can break through.”
General Nokta nodded. “Alright, do it, we'll make sure we're ready to move.” she looked to Jesp. “Captain, inform the line commanders of the plan, make sure they're ready.”
Jesp looked at her husband for a moment more as he turned to go before nodding and following the order.
Don't worry Captain. His voice echoed in his head. I'll be coming back.

You aren't seriously jealous of one of my officers are you?
Kahan smiled as he stepped out of the commander center and mounted his speeder bike.
Should I be?
No! Declared Aira-ty. Where is Jaeriel?
I left her with 'Aunt' Xierra. Kahan said with amusement as he gunned the bike and headed towards his unit's mustering ground.
Aira-ty's annoyance was palpable as she replied.
You know how I feel about her.
She will take care of Jaeriel. Kahan asserted with confidence.
She's betrayed you before. Aira-ty countered.
You know why she did that. In her own way, she loves me as much as you do.
Aira-ty didn't sound reassured as she replied.
Conceited bastard. Be careful.
Kahan nodded as he approached his lancers.
I will be. Be ready to exploit the gap we create.
The 77th Lancer Battalion was one of the hundred such lancer units activated at the start of the war. To Kahan's knowledge it was also one of the few that was still intact. Of the five hundred seventy-six troopers in his unit, he had to date kept most of them alive. The other lancer units hadn't fared well in the war and were essentially considered defunct, being allowed to continue fighting simply because despite their losses, they did serve a purpose as Kahan intended to prove here.
He called his officers to him, the battalion commander, the major and captains as he keyed his gauntlet’s wrist display and pulled up a mini-map of the battlefield.
“We're going to head north on a wide arc and then sweep down towards the enemy positions. Our job is to penetrate a portion of the line that is not directly engaged with 302nd already. Once that is accomplished we are going to keep running amok behind their lines until we link up with the 302nd's lead elements and move further inwards towards the Separatist position.” he looked around at his officers. “Any questions?”
There were none, and the unit mounted their bikes as they hefted their power lances and headed on a parallel course to the battlefield on a northward track that would carry them beyond the Separatist's heaviest lines towards their lightly defended flank.

“It's working.” Jesp said as he watched the blue force that belonged to the General's husband pierce the red lines of the Separatists to the north. “He's punched through.”
“And the Separatists are trying to readjust their line to compensate for what they think is our thrust.” General Nokta said with an eager smile. “I want a full aero and artillery barrage across the front, infantry and armor are to advance the moment that halts.”
As her orders were relayed, Jesp looked at the General with what he hoped was a genuine smile.
“Looks like your husband—“
“Commander Seris.” she corrected.
Jesp nodded. “It looks like the Commander is pulling it off.” he looked back to the holomap and frowned as a new series of blips appeared. “They're not taking it lying down though.”
The General followed his gaze and her eyes narrowed. “No, they're not...and they're moving very fast.”

“Kahan, you've got incoming from the southeast.”
Kahan halted his bike's forward momentum and raised his lance.
“Copy that, unit composition?”
“Unknown.” Aira-ty replied worriedly. “But there are a lot of them, and they're coming for you.”
Kahan smiled. “We'll give them a warm welcome.”
“I can't help you from here Kahan, don't do anything reckless.” Aira-ty cautioned.
Kahan chuckled. “I'll try not to, we'll push through and rendezvous with you at the city center.”
“I'll see you there.” Aira-ty said, making the words sound like a promise as she cut the link.
Kahan signaled his men and formed them up in their sub-formations, each centered on a captain. The entire formation swung south, leaving the devastated Separatist position where the 77th had been running amok amidst the hapless battle droids. They didn't have long to go before they found their new foes. Kahan took a good look at the enemy formation and smiled slightly as excitement coursed through him. The enemy unit was a lancer formation as well. Black battle droids were mounted on fast speeders with their own power lances and there appeared to be three times their number. Kahan's battalion was badly outnumbered. Oh well, they couldn't very well run from their opponent. He signaled his men and the sub-formations formed into a series of supporting wedges, lances lowered and aimed at the enemy. The opponents chose a far less graceful approach, simply forming a wall of black lances aimed at the Republic lancers of the 77th. The two formations closed and clashed in an explosive roar as bikes, riders, and lances were shattered in the tumult.
Despite being heavily outnumbered, Kahan realized that a good number of his men had survived the deadly clash while none of the enemy lancers were left save one. That one was the hulking brute that Kahan had first seen, the enemy commander. He had a clone trooper impaled on his lance and was looking at Kahan with obvious intent.
Kahan keyed his comlink. “He's mine, the rest of you help the survivors.”
The enemy commander threw the dead clone trooper off his lance and couched it, lowering it as he revved his bike's engine and came towards Kahan with a vengeance. Kahan accepted the challenge with aplomb and a thrill of excitement as he charged his opponent. The encounter happened in a flash and the results were very nearly fatal as the enemy commander dipped his lance and speared Kahan's bike. The heating element punched clean through Kahan's ride and threw him into the air. He handed and rolled in the dirt, kicking up a cloud of dirt and dust in the process. He scrambled to his feet, reaching down and drawing his Force-sword and channeling his energies into it. The blade came to life, glowing as the Force conducive metal became energized. Kahan held the sword before him as his opponent came towards him, lance lowered for the kill.
Kahan braced himself, focusing and allowing his body to become immaterial. The enemy commander's lance sailed through him as Kahan twisted and rematerialized his body, slashing downwards. His cut sliced the lance in half, and cut the maneuvering vanes of the enemy bike, sending his foe flying. Turning and taking a breath, Kahan squared off against the enemy commander as the monster picked himself up. Whatever remaining cockiness that Kahan had held onto faded immetiately as ten feet of armored behemoth loomed over him.
“I don't suppose you'd care to surrender?” Kahan inquired hopefully.
His answer was a quickdraw as the enemy pulled up two blasters and opened fire. Kahan deflected the flurry of bolts, rushing forwards and cutting through both blasters. His opponent grabbed him by the front of his breastplate and hurled him aside.
“It has been too long since I killed a real Mandalorian.” the beast snarled.
Kahan landed and shook his hair out of his eyes with a smile.
“Well, I may disappoint you in that.”
The enemy commander laughed and raised his arm. A geyser of flame spat out at Kahan who phased once again, letting the fire pass through him harmlessly. After a moment more of the futile attack, the commander closed with Kahan as two small energy shields activated on his forearms. The pair engaged in a running duel, Kahan slashing at his foe while he in turn tried to batter Kahan to pieces. The melee wandered around the wreckage and body strewn battlefield. A moment's over extension by the enemy commander was all Kahan had needed as he drove his sword deep into the armor of his enemy. The blade was capable of slicing through durasteel when unenergized, with Kahan's Force energy coursing through it the blade had no trouble going straight through the armor of his foe.
Panting, Kahan stood there a moment and in that moment a chilling sound reached his ears. Laughter. He looked up to see the enemy commander laughing at him, it was a chilling death rattle noise. The enemy raised his gauntleted fist and punched Kahan in the ribs, sending him flying and skidding across the ground. He lay there as the enemy commander loomed over him, blocking out the sun. Panting heavily, Kahan realized that he'd been too confident, too cocky, and he was going to die because of it. He was going to die. His mind raced, thinking of little Jaeriel, barely a year old with Xierra. He'd never see his daughter again, that thought made him strain against the pain he was feeling. Then his mind went to Aira-ty and that Captain of hers. If he died here, would Aira-ty be left with that clone to keep her company? That thought served to fuel a deep righteous anger inside of Kahan as he unclasped his hand. There was a pop and his sword appeared in his hand. With a furious shout, he slashed laterally across his foe, cutting him in half. The enemy commander stood there a moment, looking down at Kahan from behind his malevolent mask before toppling in two parts to the ground.
Kahan lay there for a moment, panting heavily as he looked up at the sky. He had to get up. He couldn't stay here. Aira-ty would be expecting him. Staggering as he clambered to his feet, he was joined by the survivors of his battalion. There weren't all that many, and most had lost their speeder bikes. He shook his head. So much for being one of the few intact lancer battalions.
“Get us a ride, we need to rendezvous with the General.” he ordered.

Aira-ty frowned as the larty settled on the roof of the Separatist command center. She felt a great misgiving over something, but she couldn't quite feel what it was. She raised her comlink.
There was a prolonged silence and she felt ice settle into her stomach. Force, please no.
“Kahan are you there?” she repeated, trying to control the fear she felt bubbling up inside of her.
She was about to call him again when a worn voice answered her.
“Oh Force, where are you?”
“Enroute to you.”
“You sound like hell.”
He chuckled, sounding tired.
“Yeah, remind me not to underestimate the other side again.”
“What happened?”
“I'll tell you about it later, status?”
Aira-ty looked to the breaching squad as they set their charges on the roof of the command center.
“We're about to knock.”
“Right, I'll come join the party.”
Aira-ty hesitated a moment but then spoke what was on her mind.
“I love you.”
“I know.” Kahan replied and she felt his mind touch hers, the warmth of his affection reasuring her.
She smiled as she ended the call and turned to watch as the charges were blown and her men rappelled downwards into the enemy command bunker. She followed them, hitching her harness to one of the rappelling lines, dropping down through the hole with Jesp besides her. They landed atop the holomap display to find that their troopers had secured the interior of the facility. Two troopers were pointing weapons at the Separatist General, Aira-ty recognized the kerkoiden male and couldn't help the smile that crossed her features.
“General Loathsom, I'm sure you won't mind being a guest of the Republic a second time.”
The kerkoiden glowered at her sullenly but said nothing in defiance as the troopers pushed him towards the exit. As they did so, the doors opened and Aira-ty saw Kahan and several more troopers enter. He glanced at the Separatist general before crossing to Aira-ty.
“Looks like you've got it well in hand.”
She nodded, frowning as she looked him over.
“You look like you got run over.”
He smiled at her, the expression strangely tired.
“I did,” his expression sobered. “Got a lot of my men killed in the process.”
Aira-ty was going to say something but she saw Kahan's eyes narrow as his gaze shot towards Jesp.
“You want to say that out loud Captain?”
Jesp stiffened and shook his head.
“No sir, sorry sir.”
Aira-ty glared at Kahan.
“Stop that.”
He shrugged. “He shouldn't think it if he doesn't want me to pick it up.”
Aira-ty  rolled her eyes and was going to further reprimand her husband when something overhead exploded. She looked up to see debris from the larty raining down through the hole in the command center's ceiling along with an armored form that landed atop the holomap and glared around at them all malevolently.
Aira-ty's men opened fire immediately, but the beast merely shrugged the weapons fire off and leapt towards Kahan who shoved Aira-ty out of the way as it swung a massive arm and sent him flying into a wall.
He landed with a grunt as the wall caved in around him, leaving him lying in the rubble looking up at his attacker with an irritated expression.
“What does it take to kill you?” he inquired in disbelief.
His answer was by way of the beast grabbing the front of his breastplate and slamming him into the wall again.
“KAHAN!” Aira-ty shouted, rushing forwards and taking up her lightsaber. It wasn't the same saber she'd had originally as a Jedi, but a new one following her leaving the Order. However it worked just fine as the green blade sliced through the creature's arm and dropped it and Kahan to the floor.
“Leave him alone!” Aira-ty snarled viciously as she stood between Kahan and the beast.
It laughed at her, roaring menacingly as a mass of what appeared to be bound muscle shot out of its severed arm and enveloped Aira-ty, wrapping around her and pulling her into the beast's body.
“Aira-ty!” Jesp shouted, dropping his weapons and leaping towards her.
He managed to grab her arm, pulling her back out of the creature for a moment before more of the corded muscle wrapped around him as well and yanked both of them inside of it.

The silence that hung in the command center following Aira-ty's apparent defeat was broken only by the heavy footfalls of the enemy commander as he loomed over Kahan who was looking up at him angrily as he picked himself free of the beast's severed arm.
“Give me back my wife.” he said in a low voice.
“She's dead, and you're next Mandalorian!” the beast roared at him mockingly.
Kahan's smile was vicious and even murderous.
“I have had enough of you.” he bolted forwards, straight at the creature's chest.
“Die bounty hunter!” bellowed the creature as it swung at Kahan.
Its strike however connected with nothing as Kahan's form dematerialized and he phased into the beasts' body. The creature stopped in bewilderment as Kahan dove into it. If the clone troopers in the command center had been frightened before, now they were terrified. They'd just lost their General and apparently the other senior officers as well all within a minute. Their concerns however were allayed as Kahan emerged from the other side of the enemy with Aira-ty and Jesp each in one of his arms. He turned back and looked up at the enemy commander with a grin as the beast rounded on him.
“You're done.” he said simply.
The creature raised its remaining arm up, even as the severed arm reattached itself, to swipe at Kahan yet again. Then a loud boom was heard and the creature erupted from the inside out, splattering the command center with the strange purple and pink muscles that made up its body, leaving Kahan standing amidst the carnage smiling triumphantly despite his battered appearance.

Jesp was choking and coughing, still trying to catch his breath as the beast exploded. He looked over at Aira-ty who was soaked and covered in the goo from the creature's demise.
“Ar—are you alright General?”
She nodded, staggering to her feet with his help. He couldn't help but notice her soaked features and found himself imagining what she'd look like wet without the armor on. No sooner had he had the thought however than the General's husband pulled her away from him and kissed her passionately. The General let out a surprised squawk as she released Jesp's hand and kissed her husband, leaving Jesp standing there awkwardly while the pair embraced.
When they broke the kiss, the General was looking at her husband in disbelief.
“What was that?”
“Do I need a reason to kiss my wife?” he asked.
She shook her head. “No, I just...that was random.”
“I thought I lost you for a moment there.” he replied. “Don't scare me like that.”
She smiled at him and leaned against his armored chest.
“I wasn't afraid, I knew you'd save me.”
As the pair embraced, Jesp looked away. She was his, he realized sullenly. Any of the thoughts he had were just pipe dreams.
Never forget that Captain. The Commander's voice said inside of his mind. She's my wife. Not yours.
Jesp's fist clenched and he felt the Commander laughing at him.
Try it Captain, make this easy on me.
“Captain,” one of the troopers said. “General Loathsom escaped in the confusion.”
Thankful for distraction, Jesp turned from the General and Commander.
“Spread out, search the facility.” he looked back at General Nokta as she disengaged from her husband. “Your orders ma'am?”
She turned on her husband. “Can you find him?”
Commander Seris nodded. “I'll try, I'll round up what's left of my men and start searching.”
As he walked away, Jesp couldn't help but think that he hoped the Commander met with an unfortunate accident.
Careful Captain, I can still hear you. My wife likes you, so I will not hurt you, but if you try and remove me from her life I promise you'll not enjoy the result.
Jesp swallowed. He wasn't afraid of the Separatists or their droid armies or all their monsters. However he suddenly felt very, very frightened of General Nokta's husband.
So this was inspired by a bunch of recent posts by rayn44 who went on a bit of a spree with the AU versions of our two characters Kahan and Aira-ty. I took a combination of her scenes and the Durge vs Obi-Wan sequence from the original Clone Wars Animated Series to create this to illustrate the contentious relationship between Kahan and Captain Jesp in this AU.

These were the images in question which inspired the scene:……

Hope everyone enjoys the story.

Aira-ty y Jesp belong to :iconrayn44:
Kahan is my OC
Durge, Loathsom, and all the rest belong to Disney/Lucas
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Zachg56 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
Nicely done!
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
Glad you enjoyed it.
Zachg56 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
My only question is....what happened to the mouse?

SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
Heh, oh I'm sure he's scurrying about somewhere.
Zachg56 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
By the way....dunno if you've read my story (for raynn's contest) or not...but if you have...would you possibly be interested in collaborating (if you like how I took things for the AU characters that is) further down the line?

That or possibly a shameless insert of your own OC into my real story that I've been working on the past few months heheheh
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
I hadn't read it honestly, but I just took a look at it and it is quite entertaining I must admit.

What did you have in mind for a collaboration?

And which OC did you want to use for which story?
Zachg56 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
Hmm...I don't really know...I'll send you a note
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
Saw the notes, very tired at the moment though, will catch up with that later.
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Akatar167 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
This is pretty awesome! Once again, Kahan continues to scare me in his AU's (but at least hes not exclusively dark side on this one :)). Apparently, I'm not the only one, eh Jesp? Great piece!
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014
One of the things that makes Kahan an 'interesting' Jedi is that he really isn't a very nice Jedi at heart. He has a very deep rooted darkness in him because of things that happened in his past which actually make him a bit vicious at times.

You see that come out in the main storyline when someone he cares about is threatened or hurt.

In the AUs, both Lost Lives and the Imperial AU, he doesn't have the restraint or has completely gone dark which is why he seems so much more frightening.
rayn44 Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Ok it was really an amazing piece! I already read it three times hehe.


Poor-poor Jesp! He has no luck with this woman no matter the circumstances. He thought quite innocent things yet but it seems Kahan really didn't like him thinking about his wife at all! I don't know I find it kinda cute how Aira-ty just concentrates to her own business and disinterestedly tells her husband to not to be a troll... x'D It seems she knows what's going on behind her (maybe already experienced something like this hehe)


And yeah I bet Aira-ty doesn't like Xierra but hopefully she takes good care of little Jaeriel!

And most likely it's just my imagination but that remark when Kahan says Xierra loves him in her own way that much as Aira-ty sounds a bit like he wanted to make Aira-ty jealous as well hehe.


But you know this General-Commander role swap confused me a bit at first... x'D When I first read that the 'General's husband' I blinked a bit. xD But I didn't even think about it, Kahan has a last name here!


And there's the point where I really started to worry... “I'll see you there.” Aira-ty said, making the words sound like a promise as she cut the link.

But the whole battle thing was really great! Very exciting and made me pretty much worried...

It seems Kahan is destined to fight Durge. And they always have quite amazing fights. But that part where even Kahan thought that he'll die... Oh man... But as he thought about his family it gave him strenght especially jealousy haha. And I seriously don't think it would be cheating what he did. He has some abilities, some powers why the hell not using them? Durge had his own non fair abilities and also used them. So where's the difference?


Then again when Aira-ty was worried about Kahan I felt that oh god no will I cry again...? x'D

Oops I think Jesp had a not too good opinion on Kahan leading a lot of clones to their death... But yeah Aira-ty can't let him harass her captain all the time!


But I bet Kahan needed a good rest after all of this... Uhh he got so much from Durge...

And that scene with Aira-ty, Jesp and Durge hehe. Oh you really did it! x'D I didn't think you'll use it in this AU but then when I saw you wrote here Durge I started to suspect something. x'3 But Kahan proved his good heart again to save Jesp too. But of course he couldn't stand when Jesp had some dirty thoughts again! And wow at the end, they have really an intense relationship here! Heh lucky Aira-ty doesn't know about their inner conversation...


Seriously, this was amazing! Loved it! And put it out as a contest entry if you agree. :3

I have the feeling I left out a lot of things I wanted to tell... but maybe later they will come to my mind again eheh.

SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
Well, I don't think it was that amazing honestly, but I am glad you enjoyed it.

And yeah, Jesp really doesn't have any luck with this woman, even when she doesn't have Jango to lament for! I imagine this isn't the first time Kahan has had more than one instance where he's had the thoughts of another turn towards Aira-ty...he's probably a little sick of it by this point which means that Jesp is just stepping on an old wound.

I'm sure that Xierra will take extreme care of Jaeriel...though I also rather imagine that Jaeriel is something of a handful even for a princess!

And yep, Kahan kept his parent's name in this one, unlike in the other where he was never given a last name save until after the war when he took Aira-ty's.

Oh come now, you really don't trust me do you? You're just convinced that I'm going to kill everyone!

And honestly, Kahan and Durge just seem like perfect adversaries in a lot of ways because Kahan can't kill Durge really and unless Kahan can't use his abilities, Durge can't kill him either.

One thing about this AU version of Kahan of course is that his emotions are very raw and near the surface, you see that here when he lets his fear of losing his loved ones and jealousy over Jesp get him during the fight with Durge.

I swear, why do you think I'm going to kill everyone? How many characters have I actually killed that you cared about? It's not my fault that the few times I'v'e actually done it have been very well written!

And no, Jesp certainly doesn't look kindly on Kahan's performance, which is arguably understandable all things considered.

Of course I really did the scene with Durge, I wasn't going to waste the opportunity to make use of that! I mean come now, it was just too perfect. As for Kahan, he's not a bad guy, even if he doesn't like Jesp being so close to Aira-ty, he's still on the same side as he is and also knows that Aira-ty likes him so he wasn't going to leave him inside Durge with the grenade!

And I imagine it is very good that Aira-ty doesn't know what's passing between her husband and her Captain, she might get a bit frustrated if she did!

Wait what? Contest entry? I actually hadn't intended for it to be that because...well it's kinda cheating to have your help with it isn't it?
rayn44 Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*snort* Kahan has enough of other man drooling over his wife? Poor fellow, a disadvantage of reading others mind. And Jesp is close to Aira-ty so Kahan has the pleasure to pick up his thoughts again and again.

Haha oh Jaeriel isn't a big problem - just yet. Imagine if she's a bit bigger then she'll be able to cause a lot of trouble for a certain princess! Haha imagine Xierra calling Kahan in the middle of a battle yelling what Jaeriel did again. Kahan is freaked out because he doesn't understand well what she's saying because of the bad transmission and Aira-ty hearing him asking Xierra what happened to Jaeriel is freaked out too so they start to slaughter the enemy to finish the battle as fast as they can haha. Then when they finally can call Xierra it appears that Jaeriel lubricated a whole room with some paint, crushed a datapad with very important informations and swallowed a very expensive ring...

It's your fault. You made me cry numerous times already and just recently shared your 'horrible idea' with me, so of course I'm on edge!

And yes Durge and Kahan are indeed very interesting and matching opponents!

And I love that part of Kahan in this AU honestly hehe. It's especially engaging to see him not being in control after he's all that restrained in the main story.

Well, yeah I can't say I don't understand Jesp's point of view.

That scene with Durge... Well, not exactly the same as here but oh god I'm not even sure I should show you that! But I guess I'll...

Yes I know, Kahan is a good guy. Moreover imagine how Aira-ty would have reacted if Kahan let Jesp there to die!
And sure if she knew how these two behave towards each other she wouldn't be happy at all.

Oh you didn't intend this to be a contest entry? I thought you said you wanted to write this for the contest. And I helped you...? When? Where? I know nothing about that...

SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
Well come now, look at his wife! She's pretty good looking, and I can't imagine that as bounty hunters they always deal with people who have the good sense to keep their eyes to themselves let alone their thoughts. Kahan is most likely quite sick of that sort of thing.

Well, yeah she's not even a year old yet so she's probably not that bad yet...but imagine as the war goes onand she gets older? I mean granted, even by war's end she's not even four yet so there's only so much she can do, but she's still a growing child with all the mayhem that comes with it! ...and you know, that's a beautiful idea with the call from Xierra about their daughter...god that would terrify the parents so much!

Oh good lord, you know if you keep fussing about it I might just do it just to spite you! ...oh that's a terrible idea...oh that's a HORRIBLE idea...and ironically, one of your own pictures/scenes gave it to me! Hehehehehe.

Hehe, you like seeing Kahan actually reacting to things eh?

...what's that? You're going to do a scene with Durge and crew going at it? Well then, I guess I have something to look forwards to don't I?

Jeez, yeah Aira-ty probably wouldn't be speaking to Kahan anytime soon if he left Jesp inside of Durge like that! was your pictures that gave me the ideas for this isn't that kinda cheating?

I mean if you want to submit it as the entry, go ahead but I hadn't planned on it.
rayn44 Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha you know Aira-ty is lucky that she can't read others mind! Though I can imagine that she tries to calm Kahan if she notices that he's bothered by others thoughts and tells him not to care about it.

Oh I'm sure both Kahan and Aira-ty would be terrified if and upset Xierra calls them concerning Jaeriel!

No! No, I'll shut up! I swear you never hear me whining again! Spare my life!! I'll be a good girl!

Well, yeah it's nice to see some reactions from Kahan time to time... x'D

Ehm... Actually I already did something but it needs to be finished up yet. But... I hardly think it's anything what you would think of... So, no please don't expect anything good.

And yeah... Aira-ty surely wouldn't want to see Kahan for a while if he let Jesp to die there.

Hm I don't think it would be cheating honestly. I got writings and drawings to the contest earlier too which were inspired by my pics.
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
Yeah, that must be an interesting relationship dynamic between the two of them! I bet she gets kinda fed up with his protectiveness sometimes.

Oh no worries, I won't give you any hints when it'll happen so it'll come as a complete surprise.
rayn44 Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yeah I can imagine some arguments between them because of this problem!

...... >______< Who summoned this evil demon...?
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
What what? Demon? Where?
lordhadrian Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
Great duel with the beast!!!!  Kahan is amazing!  I also liked the use of the lancers, such a rare treat in Clone War stories.

And I liked the tension of the love triangle :):)  Kahan was quite overbearing on Jesp.  The poor clone can't even catch a break in his own head.

Very good story.  :):)
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
Well the funny thing is that Kahan really isn't that amazing here. He gets his ass kicked pretty badly and it's only when he just starts cheating gratuitously that he gains the upper hand. Obi-Wan fought Durge in the same scenario and won just by pure combat skills, Kahan had to use a bunch of very dirty tricks to achieve the same goal.

Kahan is a lot more aggressive and very protective of Aira-ty in this one, he doesn't have the same control or reservation about his emotions that he does in the main story where he embraces his emotions and allows them to settle as opposed to here where they're very raw and untamed.

Glad you enjoyed the read.
lordhadrian Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
I didn't think of it that way, but he does cheat a little, but then his abilities are amazing. :)

He does get a little dickish with poor Jesp, but he is quite protective and I can imagine this is the disadvantage of being able to read minds when people look at your wife and have all sorts of thoughts about her.

That combat, though, it was a wonderful read.
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
Yeah, that is Kahan's trump card in any fight: he cheats.

And honestly that is his issue, he doesn't control his power here the way he does in the main story and so is made all the more paranoid for it.

Again, very glad you enjoyed it.
commanderfett Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Student Writer
That was awesome! I do feel a bit bad for Jesp...he's scared sh1tless of Kahan! :dummy:
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
Yeah, I honestly feel like quoting Captain Jack Sparrow here: "You need to find a girl mate."
cmg7501 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
Well he's a clone, can't get many girls interested in that. a few maybe but not many would want to fall in love or get involved with the clones.
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
You kidding?

Have you looked at the fan base for clone troopers?

There are plenty of girls out there willing to save him!
rayn44 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually I know two girls who could even fight for him... x'D
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
I know one of them I think....
rayn44 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep. x'3
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