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Crystal City, Planet Christophsis

Aira-ty crouched low in the debris as she looked down at their targets. There were three of the heavy weapon platforms, all of them placed in a square that was guarded by mounted weapons and droids. She and Skywalker's apprentice were on a high rise with several of her clones, ready to drop down on the enemy below once the fighting started.
She tapped her comlink. “Skywalker, are you ready?”
“Yes.” came the Jedi's voice.
“Good, then let's begin.” she killed the link and looked around at her platoon. “Alright boys, get ready, it's about to get noisy.”
Aira-ty noticed Skywalker's apprentice shifting nervously and reached over, patting the girl on the head.
“Don't worry love, you'll do fine.”
The girl's purple skin tinged a darker shade as she nodded. Aira-ty wondered why Skywalker wasn't taking better care of the girl, she was obviously willing to learn and please, so that he would keep her up out of harms way seemed rather silly. Oh well, perhaps he'd get the hang of being a teacher eventually. He had only been such for a few short hours after all.
Aira-ty's thoughts were broken by the sound of blasterfire as the squads under Skywalker opened fire. A missile soared out from the clone firing line and slammed into the static turret closest to them. Aira-ty smiled as all the droids reacted as expected, moving to counter the sudden attack as the HWPs loomed large above them.
“Alright, they're distracted, go go go!” Aira-ty commanded.
She and the clones, along with the Jedi girl, jumped from the building, riding their jetpacks down to the ground. They touched down, Aira-ty looked up to see the Jedi dropping to the ground without a jetpack. She shook her head, insane Jedi. Drawing her blasters, she rushed forwards and started blasting the distracted droids in the back.
“Detpacks, go!” she shouted.
Several of her troopers broke off from the rest and ran towards the weapon platforms. The first group reached their target and placed their charges. The second and third groups weren't as lucky, Aira-ty's heart clenched in pain as three of her troopers were cut down. They were her first casualties, she'd seen and caused death before, but this was different. This was Jango's legacy dying around her. She couldn't allow that.

Hanabi swatted aside a barrage of blaster bolts from a battle droid, twirling her saber and slicing through its hip joint, toppling the droid. She brought her blade back up, swatting aside another course of blasterfire before throwing her hand out, tossing a trio of droids into a tangled heap of metal limbs. There was a flash of red to her right and she turned to see Commander Nokta rushing forwards, her blasters blazing. What was she doing? She was by herself!
She rushed after the charging Mandalorian, deflecting blasterfire as she went and hoping that the commander wouldn't get herself killed. Hanabi wanted to be a good commander, but she didn't want to learn that all on her own, especially if it meant someone had to die for her to prove herself! She rammed her saber into the photoceptors of a heavy battledroid, twisting its head off and pushing it aside with a thrust of the Force.
Turning, she had just enough time to jump out of the way of a fresh volley of bolts. They were going to get killed out here!

“What is she doing!?” General Skywalker shouted in alarm. “She's going to get her killed!”
“We can't get to them without exposing ourselves.” Rex cautioned.
The General snarled in annoyance. “I don't care, come on! We're going to help them!”
And just like that, he was up and over their cover and charging at the enemy line, blue saber flashing and swatting aside the incoming fire. Rex swore under his breath.
“I see what you mean.” came Jesp's voice over the private link.
Rex didn't reply, jumping up and running after Skywalker. “Platoons two and three come with me, everyone else base of fire!”
The clones charged, and the expected result came all too soon, the entire first rank was cut down by the enemy before the momentum of the charge carried the day as the force of fire took its toll in the mad charge. They were going to be the ones in need of saving soon enough Rex mused miserably.

Aira-ty watched the slaughter with growing panic, she couldn't stand to lose so many, not like this.
“Blow the charges!”
“Ma'am we're too—“
“Blow it now!”
The charges went off, and the HWP erupted, throwing all of them flat on their faces, droids, clones, and all.

Crystal City, Planet Christophsis

Ventress stopped her speeder bike and listened as the explosion echoed throughout the city. Was Loathsome conducting an attack?
“This is Ventress, report.”
“A weapons emplacement is under attack by the Republic.”
Ventress smiled. The Republic had come out of their hole? This might be fun.
“Give me the coordinates.”
The emplacement wasn't far. She accelerated through the city streets, gaining speed as she sped towards the source of the explosion.

Crystal City, Planet Christophsis

“Anakin, Anakin are you there?”
Anakin shook his head, picking himself up and staggering to his feet. He grabbed his comlink and hit the activation.
“I'm here, Obi-Wan, I'm here.”
“What happened? We heard that from here.”
“Charges went off prematurely.” Anakin looked around. “Droids are all smashed up, so are our troops. Two of the weapons platforms are still active.” the repulsor engines on both craft began to rumble, Anakin cursed. “They're moving, gotta go!”
“Anakin wait!” but Obi-Wan didn't get to finish as Anakin set aside the comlink and rushed forwards.
Anakin turned to see that the platoons that had remained behind were still intact.
“Missiles!” Anakin shouted, pointing at the nearest of the weapons platforms.
Without question, a volley of missiles flew out of their tubes and slammed into the rear of the first platform. The engine block erupted and the platform sank back down onto the ground with a deafening thud that sent shockwaves through the ground. The second platform had turned by that point and Anakin watched in mounting alarm as its blaster cannons opened fire on his troops. They all ducked down behind cover as the weapons blasted away at the troops. Then Anakin saw something that stopped his heart. His apprentice was on her feet and running forwards. She raised her lightsaber and slashed at the oncoming blaster bolt. It threw her off her feet, but she was able to deviate its path.
Anakin rushed in to join her, covering the second firing arc of the weapons platform's defense blasters.
“You're insane.” he roared as he caught one of the bolts on his saber and deflected it upwards.
“Sorry Master.” Hanabi replied, sounding honestly sorry. “I didn't want anyone else to get hurt!” she shrieked in alarm as she swatted away another bolt of her own. “Master, I don't think this was a good idea! My arm is getting tired!”
Anakin had to agree, he didn't know how many of the massive bolts he could deflect. As if to exemplify the point, another bolt almost wrenched his saber out of his hand.

Jesp got to his feet haltingly, where was everyone? He looked around and found out, most of the two platoons that had charged were lying on the ground. He fought back a strange surge of emotion as the sound of blasterfire drew his attention behind him. General Skywalker and Commander Iyoto were standing between the remains of the two companies that they'd started with. To his shock, they were actually blocking its blasterfire. He staggered forwards, still unsteady on his feet even as he reached down and pulled out a grenade.
He triggered his jetpack and rocketed upwards, landing atop the HWP's engine house. He dropped down to one knee, pulled the pin, and shoved it down an exhaust vent before jumping clear.
The grenade detonated and threw Jesp through the air, he landed with a crunch, rolling and coming to a kneeling position. He turned just in time to see the platform crash to the ground, black smoke rising from its engines.
“You're insane.”
He turned to find Captain Rex standing besides him.
“Sorry.” Jesp said sheepishly.
“Don't apologize, after that, we needed something insane to save us!”
Jesp nodded, smiling beneath his helmet at the other captain as he got to his feet.
“Too many.” Rex growled.
Jesp simply nodded, looking around at the white armored bodies of their fallen brethren. Many of them were moving, picking themselves up and helping their brothers to their feet as well. Maybe it hadn't been nearly as bad as he'd feared.
“What in the name of the Force were you thinking!?”
Jesp jerked around to see General Skywalker storming towards Commander Nokta. His fears rekindled instantly.

Aira-ty stood her ground as Skywalker glowered at her. “I was trying to save our men from getting slaughtered.”
“First you put my Padawan in danger.” Skywalker snarled. “When you were supposed to be keeping her safe, then you nearly get all of us killed by detonating charges when we're all standing right on top of them!”
Aira-ty stared back at him icily, not that he could see it behind her visor.
“Listen here Jedi, you want to keep your apprentice safe, keep her by you. Don't expect me to babysit, I have other priorities. I saved your troopers from your own reckless charge, we were doing just fine until that happened.”
“Says the woman who rushed into the middle of a company of droids!” he barked at her.
Aira-ty opened her mouth to reply but was forestalled by a chill voice that sent shivers down her spine.
“Oh look, the Jedi is bickering with his toy soldiers, how charming.”
They both turned to see a black robed figure standing a short distance away, her features were not discernable under the hood but Aira-ty didn't need to see her face to know the posture of a killer. Now what?

Ventress was irritated. She had apparently arrived too late to save the weapon platforms, but even worse, she had missed the combat. She'd wanted to enjoy herself, now though it looked like all the droids were destroyed, and the clones were busy picking themselves up. Oh well, she'd just have to put them back down.
She ignited her sabers, the twin red blades jutting out from the handle and hissing angrily as their charges crackled in the air.
Glancing at the Padawan, she chuckled. “You Jedi are so irresponsible, bringing little children out into a warzone, they might get hurt.”
The Knight, Skywalker, stepped between her and the girl. “You're a Sith.”
Ventress' eye twitched in annoyance. “As near as makes no difference.” she raised her saber and pointed one of its blades at him. “You're going to die Jedi.”

Aboard the Republic Assault Ship Jelial, Crystal City, Planet Christophsis

Kahan stiffened suddenly, he recognized that presence, what was—
“Master Kahan?” Master Kenobi inquired.
“Quiet.” Kahan said. “The Sith is here.”
Kenobi's face fell. “There is a Sith here?”
“She was in orbit, it seems she's planetside now, and fighting Skywalker.”
“Anakin is in danger then.”
“If he hasn't improved since Geonosis, then yes.” Kahan looked at Kenobi. “Has he?”
“Against droids? Certainly. How good he is against a single Sith...I don't know.”
Kahan nodded. “I was afraid of that, contact him, tell him that I will deal with the Sith.”
“You? How? You're here.”
“I don't need to be there to defeat her.” Kahan smiled wryly. “In fact being there would probably be to my detriment, from here I can distract her sufficiently to give Skywalker and the rest a chance to escape.”
And with that, Kahan sank into a meditative state, reaching across the Force towards the burning embers of hatred, sorrow and fear that marked the Sith. She was hard to miss amidst the clones and Jedi, in fact she burned almost as brightly as Skywalker did within the Force. That Skywalker stood out as well was no surprise, he was supposed to be the Chosen One, as silly a notion as that might be.

Crystal City, Planet Christophsis

“Anakin, can you hear me?”
Anakin swore as he deflected another of the Sith's withering attacks, fighting to concentrate as he shouted back with his thoughts to Obi-Wan.
“A little busy here!”
“I know, Master Kahan is going to distract her. When he does, escape. Is Hanabi safe?”
“She and the clones are clear. It's just me now.”
“Alright, stay alive.”
Anakin gritted his teeth as the Sith struck again. Staying alive wasn't his goal, that he would survive was never in doubt. What he would do to this Sith was the real question. Then suddenly, she swung wide and staggered blindly off to one side.
Anakin blinked in bewilderment but Obi-Wan's voice cut across his thoughts once more.
“Anakin, now's your chance.”

Ventress didn't feel it at first. No, the first real hint that something was wrong was when her vision blurred for a moment. She blinked, and realized that she could no longer see Skywalker. Where was he? For that matter, where was she? Everything was dark.
“For such a skilled swordswoman, your mind is awfully fragile.”
She spun and found an entirely different Jedi standing before her. He was staring at her with deep blue eyes. He raised his hand and brushed his long black hair out of his eyes.
“If you intend to fight Jedi, you might want to work on that.”
“Who are you?” she snapped, and then answered her own question. “You.” she snarled. “Get out of my head!”
“I think you mean get 'us' out of your head Sith.” he replied with a quiet smile. “And no, I'm afraid you're not in control here.”
“It's my mind!” she roared, taking a step towards him and pushing back at his presence.
He snorted, his smile remained untouched as she glared daggers at him.
“It is, but for the time being I'm making use of it.” his eyes met hers, boring into her skull. “You're remarkably powerful, but untrained. Like a steed that needs to be broken in with harness.”
“I am not some animal to be broken!” she shrieked, flying at him with an upraised fist.
He stepped aside and she sailed past him. She felt his boot connect with the small of her back and she toppled. She felt so weak and helpless. She hated him for it, she would kill him, she would. She swore it.

Anakin stared at the Sith in bewilderment. She was standing stock still, her eyes wide and staring and he swore she was crying. He looked at her dual sabers glowing red in her hands. This was his chance, he raised his saber.
“No.” Master Kahan's voice shot across his mind like a thunderclap.
“She's vulnerable!” Anakin protested. “I can kill her!”
“You will do no such thing.”
Anakin made to protest further but was cut short.
“If you take one more step towards her I will release her from my control and believe me, you do not want to be there when that happens. Fall back to base, now.”
Anakin bit his lip but didn't say anything further, turning his back on the Sith and stalking away into the city back towards the Republic lines.

Aboard the Republic Assault Ship Jelial, Crystal City, Planet Christophsis

Kahan waited until Skywalker was well away from the Sith before finally releasing his grip on her.
“I will hunt you down and kill you!” she snarled as he faded from her mind.
“Of that I have no doubt, hopefully your mind will be better protected at that time.” he replied easily. “If not then it will end the same way.”
And with that he severed the connection, turning to Master Kenobi. “Skywalker wanted to kill the Sith while she was helpless.”
“He has a temper.” Kenobi replied. He didn't sound surprised, though he was apparently worried. “It's a flaw I was never able to extinguish.”
Kahan nodded. “I will keep that in mind in the future.” he wiped the sweat from his brow. “Master Kenobi, might I trouble you for something?”
Kenobi frowned. “What would that be?”
“I'd like a set of armor, preferably something with command ciruitry installed.”
“I think we can find something like that.” Master Kenobi said. “Cody should have a few spare commander armors available.”

Crystal City, Planet Christophsis

“So the strongpoints are all set up with interlocking lines of fire so they can each support the other.” Lana said.
“That's right.” Cody replied.
Lana beamed. “I did some reading on the trip here. I think I'm almost as good at war as you are Cody.”
The clone commander shrugged. “Academics and combat experience are two different things. I'll believe you know what you're doing after you've proven yourself in a few firefights.”
Lana stuck her tongue out. “That's not fair. I'm a Jedi, you're supposed to follow my orders.”
“And I will, within reason.” Cody said. “But an inexperienced commander isn't one I'll follow orders from blindly.”
“Fine.” huffed Lana. “I'll just have to show you that I know what I'm doing.”
Cody said nothing to that as they walked inwards towards the heavy cannons covering the main avenues of approach to the Republic positions. It was these cannons that had enabled them to hold their own despite the superior numbers of the Separatist forces. Even with the two additional legions and armor brought by General Kahan they were still far too heavily outnumbered to fight head to head against the Seps. It was a precarious situation, one in which Cody found himself at a disadvantage. He looked down at the Jedi Commander as she strolled besides him, seemingly carefree as she strolled about with her hands up behind her head as she looked around at the fortifications and weapons around them.
It had taken some getting used to, dealing with the fact that children like this were over him in the chain of command. It was with something of a rude shock that he and his brother clones had realized that even the Jedi Generals who were supposed to lead them knew less about war than the most junior private. It was a saving grace that most if not all knew how to fight at the very least. Still, tactics and strategy had to be learned, and their silly desire to preserve life abolished. It wasn't that Cody devalued his life or the lives of his brothers, no, far from it. It was that he understood that their lives were inconsequential when compared to the greater good of the Republic. Sometimes he suspected that Generals Kenobi and Skywalker forgot that.
He paused, frowning as his helmet triggered an alert. He turned to look in the direction of the alert. What was that trooper doing? He wasn't authorized in the munitions dump.
“Sergeant!” Cody shouted.
The clone stiffened and turned to look at him. “Sir?”
“Just what do you think you're doing here?”
As an answer, the trooper raised his blaster and opened fire.
“Cody watch out!” shrieked Lana, she leapt in front of him, her saber igniting as she swatted away the incoming fire.
“Don't fire!” shouted Cody over the comlink to his escorts. “You'll hit the ammo!”
The sergeant stopped for a moment, raising something up in his hand. “Down with the Republic!”
“Commander!” Cody shouted as he watched the sergeant's finger depress on the detonator.”
He ran forwards and grabbed Lana, turning her away from the resultant blast which threw them both into the air. He heard her screaming but didn't let go, rolling with the girl tucked against his armor before they came to a stop.
“Commander Cody! Commander N'ahrr!” shouted a trooper as Cody lost consciousness.

Lana pushed Cody's body off of her as the troopers helped her to her feet. She looked at the flaming pile of wreckage that had been the munitions bunker and tried to steady her heart. She looked at Cody and felt bile rise to her throat. He had a piece of shrapnel imbedded in his side, it had cut clean through his armor.
“M—medic!” she shouted needlessly. One of the troopers was already administering first aid.
She turned away from the sight of Cody's bloody body to see the battered sergeant stumbling away from the site. Anger rose up inside of her then and she reached out with the Force, slamming him into the ground with a thought.
“Troopers!” she cried. “Get him!”
It didn't take but a moment for the members of the escort to tackle the already pinned trooper. Lana marched up to him and with a little help from two other troopers got him to his feet. She wrenched his helmet off, glaring down at the face that stared back at her angrily.
“Why?” she asked.
The sergeant said nothing, his eyes blazing with a hatred that staggered Lana. She turned away.
“Take him to—take him to the assault ship...tell Master Kenobi.” she managed.
Turning to the blazing inferno that had been the munitions bunker, she realized something. There had been others in there. She turned back to the sergeant as he was led away. He'd killed his own side...without a second thought. Was this war?
Third instalment in my Clone Wars story, not sure how happy I am with this chapter but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.

LastChapter: [link]
Next Chapter: [link]
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FreelancerNorth Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
*Munching popcorn and drinking coke* ... I wish this was Cannon... or a movie...
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
Oh come now it isn't that good.
FreelancerNorth Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
Yes it is. I love it when people put their own twists in cannon. That's one of the reasons why I love Mass Effect so much... :3

((Plz don't hate me... but the Mandalorian, she's a Mirilian? (green skin, facial tattoos?) )) 
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014

Who has tattoos and green skin in this chapter?

Are you talking about Aira-ty?

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No I'm referring to the OC narrative I sent you. The Twi'lek... I decided to change her into the same species as Barriss Offee from the show...     
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
Oh, my apologies, didn't meant to get it all mixed up, yes, that is the correct species.
FreelancerNorth Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
Yeah, my apologies also. I should have been more specific with that comment.  
lordhadrian Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013
Excellent story.....
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lordhadrian Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013
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I'm so sorry for not reading the chapters earlier, I didn't know you finished them, but now I'll read the whole lot of it! :3
I like how you capture each characters characteristics and display emotions. Especially love the contrast between Anakin and Lana, how they deal with anger.
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
Yeah, I've actually just finished the second episode actually so if you want to go look at that feel gets kinda brutal though I must admit.

I actually really enjoy Lana's character. In a lot of ways she reminds me of a less obnoxious version of Ahsoka.
b-312 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
your doing great with this remake. im loving every bit of it. and the last part with cody getting hit by shrapnel was good. really emotional end there. well for me anyway
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013
I'm still waiting for the die-hard fans to come and attack me with how much I'm changing things...but so far so good!
b-312 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
im a die hard fan.... but i love when people take the series and put their own spin on it. then my love of the show is reinvigorated.
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Heh, well glad to hear it.
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rayn44 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, you're always too strict to yourself, I loved this chapter as well! ^^ It was pretty intense with a lot of action.
Hanabi was really cool! I very liked how you wrote her, innocent but brave, excellent! And Anakin yes... As we spoke about him before, he's exactly like this, in my opinion. Reckless and hot-headed and only his opinion can be right, perfect debate partner for Aira-ty (because actually they are a bit similar to each other from a certain point of view .___."" ).
And yes Aira-ty would feel very bad about casualties, especially when she experiences it at the first time. She saw to die and killed a lot of people before but this is different, they are precious to her, they are Jango's clones.
And I loved Jesp's scene! Wow he's so cool! x3
Then Kahan and Ventress, awesome! I expected something like this, and I very enjoyed it! x3 Kahan was really genius how he beat Ventress in her own mind! I can understand her that she wants to hunt him down now... x'DD
Then I think Lana and Cody were cute together. ^^ Lana has a big mouth and she's never afraid to be sassy, but Cody handled her personality very well. : ) And aww poor Cody, no... D :
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
Yeah, this chapter was essentially all action I'm afraid, not a whole lot of down time between things really.

Hanabi just strikes me as the kind of girl who'd be somewhat quiet and shy, perhaps even unsure of herself, but she's really strong when it matters and she doesn't have the chance to think about things.

As for Anakin and Aira-ty, I expect they'er going to be butting heads for a while to come. They're too similar (from a certain point of view) to not clash with one another.

And yes, given the important Aira-ty places on the clones being Jango's legacy and all that, I can't imagine she'd just sit by and watch them be gunned down, even if it meant doing something reckless. Jesp's case, I erally hope I have not taken him over the top...I really have no idea what his personality is beyond his little crushes on Aira-ty so I am going as I can. I kinda want to make him as a wilder (younger, less experienced) version of Rex while still being something of a gentleman. I don't know how you envisaged him originally.

Kahan and Ventress are going to be tricky going forwards as I don't want them to become the focal point of the story, however their battle is going to continue cropping up in one form or another as the battle continues. We'll see how they progress, as Kahan says, mentally he can beat her at any time. It's the saber combat he's unsure of.

I think for Cody and Lana it's going to be big brother and little sister relationship. Cody tolerating (sometimes being flustered by) Lana's sass and somewhat wild nature...and I know, Cody got pretty banged up didn't he?

Once I get back I will work on the next chapter, hopefully I can continue to entertain...I may be harsh on myself, but that's how I get better, by pushing myself.
rayn44 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
But it was exciting. : D

Yes you really got Hanabi's character, she's exactly like that. She can be clumsy when she's nervous but in serious situations she shows her strong side.

Yeah Anakin and Aira are both too hot-headed to deal with each other without conflict.

Indeed, Aira can't stand when clones are in danger, they are too important for her.

About Jesp, I think you write him well. Actually he's like a "perfect clone" most of the time, he's polite and serious and in a battle he does everything for the succes. His only weakness is Aira-ty. When it comes to her he can make the worst decisions... And the worst in it that he and Aira are the only ones who don't notice that Jesp has a crush on her. Jesp thinks that he's just a good soldier who cares about his superior. And Aira is just well she's just herself... x'3
Actually in my original concept their first meeting looked like this: [link] And after this case they accidentaly met again on duty, Aira doesn't even know that that clone was Jesp, but Jesp remembered her clearly because he never saw such deep emotions before. Maybe that's the first thing why he started to love her.

I think it would be very interesting to see Kahan and Ventress fight in a saber combat sometime. Sorry if I sound too evil, but I really would like to see how would Kahan act in a in a tight squeeze... x'D Ventress really would like to kill him I guess.

I see, I think Cody and Lana would be cute like brother and sister. :3 And yeah poor Cody... D:

SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013
Glad it was exciting at least, I am about halfway through teh next chapter, probably this evening or tomorrow for it to be posted.

I'm glad I got Hanabi, Anakin, and Aira down...hoping that continues to be the case!

I get that feeling with Aira-ty and Jesp, especially from Jesp, that he loves her but doesn't quite realize it. I want to see if I can protray that a little bit as the story goes on, we'll see if I can pull it off! I remember that piece you linked, it's a great one to be sure! Really emotionally powerful.

As for Kahan and Ventress, I want it to happen as well, but I am unsure as to when it will happen or if...I have to see if I can conspire to get them together long enough for saber combat to ensue.
HisBelovedPrincess Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very well written! :D :D :D
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Heh, if you say so, I'm rather dubious but I am glad that you've enjoyed it.
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Whether you doubt it or not its AMAZING. I like it!
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